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Here are some of the services available. Email for rates and availability.

Live & Session Bassist

Bassist/Musical Director for your project, tour, spot dates or recordings. Uriah has a knack in learning complete performance sets of music in short periods of time. Contact for rates and availabliity.

Genre concerns?

See the Clients list ;-)

Remote Recording

You can be anywhere in the world and still have your basses covered. Employing current software coupled with top-of-the-line preamps and outboard gear, Uriah is able to deliver the most profesional quality basslines ready to fly into your session. If needed, he can painlessly walk you through the remote recording process no matter what software or systems you use. Rush & overnight possible.

Musical Director .JPG
Musical Direction

In addition to providing the backbone & low end to your music, Uriah is experienced with the logistical aspects as well... so you don't have to be. From hiring the right personnel for the gig, employing soild workflow and communication techniques & working within budgets, you can have a fully rehearsed band of seasoned professionals available to you.

Music for Placement

When Marvel Comics released thier MMO game MARVEL HEROES to the world, they contacted Uriah & his studio team. They created the soundscapes, combat music & boss battle music necessary to immerse the player into the game. From Epic orchestral music to hybrid metal to ethnic to neo-soul & funk, Uriah has created music for all aspects of the entertainment industry.

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