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Uriah Duffy is a Bassist, Producer and Musical Director. Besides being considered one of the worlds well reknowned bassists, he has the ability to absorb and understand the music he is exposed to, spanning genres with remarkable authenticity. This skill has connected him with a wide array high profile colleagues from around the world over the years. His dynamic performance ability has brought him to audiences worldwide, and his production & writing credits are currently licensed to shows & movies in the entertainment industry. 

Hailing from Rhode Island to a Thai Mother and Irish-Italian Father, Uriah was exposed to music from a very early age. Both he and his Brother, Yes Duffy, were named after their parents favorite bands of the time. After seeing Rush’s bassist Geddy Lee live in concert, Uriah picked up the bass at the ripe age of 8, and never looked back. His interest in bass and technology over the years has brought him to the forefront of today’s leading music scene, performing night after night on tour or producing in the studio for artists. He currently resides in California, continuing to hone his skills as an in-demand bassist & musical director.



Other work

Uriah’s bass playing has contributed much to the 'live funk' flavor coveted by alternate hip-hop icons The Coup and Japanese rapper Lyrics Born, enabling them to make highly original music outside of hip-hop's typical sample-and-loop box. Furthermore, Uriah has solidified his urban street credentials working with the legendary Too $hort and achieved every slap-bass player's dream by filling in for another legend Larry Graham, with the reconstituted version of the Family Stone.


Uriah may be best known worldwide for his membership in the legendary rock band Whitesnake. In 2005, Whitesnake singer David Coverdale contacted Uriah, offering him the position of bassist for the upcoming global tours on the spot. Uriah stayed with Whitesnake for 5 years, traveling to over 50 countries and headlining to millions around the world.



Current Career: Fantastic Negrito, Points North & more..

Uriah is one-third of the progressive rock group, Points North, on Magna Carta records. Their 2nd album was released in Spring 2015, and contains many of Uriah’s compositions, co-writing credits and virtuosic bass playing. Sophisticated chords and musicianship are woven into neatly packaged songs that are easily digestible and listenable, going against the grain of usually long, pointless prog-rock music.

Uriah is also touring both at home and abroad with 3x Grammy winner FANTASTIC NEGRITO.


Recently, Uriah has added focus to creating his own band, simply titled the Uriah Duffy Band. For this, he draws on all of the experiences he’s amassed over the years of working with successful artists and combining them into one large funky dance party. 

View artists Uriah has worked with here.


Based in California, Uriah Continues to offer his services as a top-call Bass Player and Musical Director for Sessions, Showcases & Tours. Uriah, with his friendly demeanor, top-notch skills and travelability, is the perfect piece of the puzzle in elevating any artist's music to a professional level, and beyond. 

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